Where did everything go?


If you come here often (you’re in a small, illustrious group), you’ll notice some posts missing. This site doesn’t get a lot of traffic, but I’ve had a few posts that were busier than others, and you might notice their absence.

I love photos. I didn’t realize how important they felt to my posts until I discovered most of them broken (not showing up correctly) a few days ago. Especially all those posts about sewing….with no photos they just didn’t work. I contacted WordPress customer support and was told that this was due to some broken link issue that they couldn’t fully solve. I was pretty upset about that. They could fix a few posts, but I’d have to go through the rest of the (many) posts and re-do all those photo links myself. As you know, I have fibromyalgia, and spending what little energy I do have in a day trying to fix something that should never have broken (beware the “export” feature on WordPress, it lies), just isn’t my idea of a good time. Had I known this was going to happen, I never would have moved my blog. C’est la vie.

Instead of fixing years of posts, I downloaded them for my own archive, and then just let them go online.

A fresh start sounded nice, anyway.

We are in Seattle until the spring, when we’ll be moving to Eugene, Oregon. For my sewing friends, I want to let you know I probably won’t be making any sewing posts until after we move. In the interests of energy conservation, I’m packing up everything that I can, as early as I can, and this includes my sewing room.


Because I need something to do that relates to art or color (how else does one survive?), I left out what was easy to carry around: my art stuff. I’ve been doodling again, seeing how possible it is to learn to draw in my middle years. These are interesting years. Sometimes I’ll feel wrecked with the awareness of how much practice time has already been lost (for art, and other things). And then sometimes, I’ll feel such a delicious freedom in knowing that I can learn without pressure, practice for the joy of it. The trick is remembering, when negativity hits, that ruminating on what time I “wasted” (one could argue I was plenty busy) is, in itself, a waste of time. When that happens, I reach for my pen, and just doodle something.

It always makes me happy.

6 thoughts on “Where did everything go?

  1. Hollie, why didn’t you email me? Did you? Did I not see it? I’m about to go on a work trip (uh with all of those support people you talked to) but let’s see what we can do, ok?


    1. Oh Pam, it’s okay! I didn’t email you because I felt so bad about sucking up all your time before, and I just didn’t want to put you through that again. You’ve already done so much! It’s just something wrong with Export from what I understand, it’s not fixable. They tried to run some tool on it but it didn’t work all the way, and I’m supposed to go through them all by hand now but I just don’t have it in me. But that’s ok, a fresh start is good too.


  2. Depends on what you want to do with art. If it makes you happy, then go for it. I only started drawing in middle age, with no formal training. I go months without doing it, but when I do finally sit down and draw it is so satisfying. I have no ambitions whatsoever to do anything with art but entertain myself, and perhaps record a view or two. I once did a course in Process Painting – which is kind of meditation with a paint brush. Enjoyed it immensely, haven’t done it since, but I have internalized that for me at least, the process is more important than the finished product.


    1. I’m enjoying both the process and the finished product! Something shifted. I used to draw something, and only see what was lacking. Now I draw something, and it feels like sheer delight to look at. I’m aware that it isn’t fine art, but somewhere along the line I just stopped caring.


  3. I started copying photos and adding links to them as comments, or crediting them if multiple sources, when Blogger started it’s whole http vs https fracas. There are old posts with photos that are gone gone gone, but I’m managed to fill in the gaps. It was a weekend I won’t get back (and I was going to work on real household stuff) but I learned and there it is. It’s the words that matter for me. I’ve been using my blog as my own record on what I did and how it worked (and that’s paying off now, when I come back to patterns I’ve made and need notes on).
    I love drawing. It’s about seeing stuff. I see things when I draw them. I used to be an studio art potter, and a competent drawer —okay: Mo Willems joke. Writers write. Drawers are what we put our clothes in. — but I love drawing. The Zen of Seeing was my freshman text in Studio 101. What a brilliant idea!

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    1. I love that, using your own blog as a sewing notebook. I hope to do that with my sketching – and again with sewing too, when I get a sewing area again. Until we move, it just feels so important to keep drawing. A mental imperative. Mo Williams joke – HA! 🙂 Also, YES, The Zen of Seeing – one of my favorite painters recommended that book and I haven’t bought it yet but I bought a couple of his other books. They’re so beautiful, it feels like hanging out with an old professor talking about his life’s work. I love them so much.


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