Inktober Day 3 – “Roasted”

Today’s word was “roasted”, and I immediately thought of roasting a marshmallow.

I really liked this before I painted it, but much less so afterward. The purple ground was supposed to be night-like, but I don’t like it. I used liquid watercolors for the trees, sky, and the purple ground, and I don’t care for it. I like the sky okay, I s’pose. I thought I liked the liquid colors because they’re so bright, but somehow they don’t look…..right.

Ahh well! It was fun to draw it, I was sitting in PCC Market in Fremont while Greg sat across from me reading his book. I’m in tons of pain today, I don’t know why – Jason thinks it’s a change in the barometric pressure – and it was nice to do something creative. I spent most of the day trying to gently stretch my back, sitting and standing in umpteen different positions, anything to escape the pain in my spine. When I get lost in drawing or painting, it distracts from the fibromyalgia. For a little while, which hey, I’ll take.

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