Inktober Day 4 – “Spell”

She’s having a spell on her fainting couch, because she’s watching the news (that thing in front is supposed to be the back of her television). I really relate to this woman.

The wood grain took foooorreeeeeeever, which is why I’m posting this at 9:30pm. But it’s my favorite part of the image, so it’s okay. I actually had a lot of fun filling that in, it was relaxing.

I wish I’d taken a photo before I colored it, because I actually don’t like the color much at all, except for the brown of the floor. The last few times I’ve tried to paint something, I can’t seem to get the colors I want. Much of this is still being a total novice at using watercolors. The more I look at work from artists I love, the more my eye improves, and I’m developing such a passion for particular styles and effects – all of which I don’t know how to achieve! I’m at the very start. All I really know how to do is color things in with a little paint.

I think when Inktober is over I might try an online watercolor class to see if I can get better at this. I have one on my Craftsy account with Kateri Ewing that I started a few months ago, I ought to finish it. And then practice, practice, practice!

2 thoughts on “Inktober Day 4 – “Spell”

  1. I’m glad I came here from IG because there’s a level of lovely in that floor I didn’t get from the super dinky phone picture. Will check in here for better looks.
    It’s the practice. I heard a brief Hillary Hahn interview on the radio, I guess she has her practice videos up somewhere. Will check and report back.


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