Inktober Day 5 – “Chicken”

The obvious answer here is “draw something earlier”, and I will work on that, but I spend much of the day, lately, dealing with pain. The fibromyalgia is just awful. Or chronic fatigue syndrome? I’m tired of not knowing which one it is. Is it one? Or the other? Or both? IS IT THE CHICKEN OR THE EGG? Except that isn’t the right analogy since fibro and CFS aren’t related like that, but hey, I worked in a chicken analogy on the day of the chicken, so….that is a small kind of accomplishment I suppose*.

Tomorrow is DROOLING. I know what I said about enjoying the prompts, but here is the exception. I don’t want to draw “drooling”. I might draw something else. It won’t be official Inktober theme day, but it will be Something I Inked On Day 6, which might just be good enough for me.

*If you hear Kiera Knightly’s voice when you read this, then you’ve watched Ang Lee’s Pride and Prejudice as often as I have. 

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