All my life I’ve one dream; to achieve my many goals. – Homer Simpson

Greg and me on Elska
We take marriage (and sailing) very seriously.

Welcome to my little spot where friends and family can keep up with my adventures.

I live in Seattle, Washington, but will soon be living in Eugene, Oregon – home of many trees, two rivers (which I plan to kayak the crap out of), and apparently, people who can run very, very fast. I was born in Portland, Oregon, and raised there and around the outlying neighborhoods. Married in 1995 to my husband Greg, we lived in Portland a few years, but mostly Seattle. I love the Pacific Northwest and am so grateful that I got to be born here, and live here still.

Miles and me
We also take parenting very seriously.

I’ve spent the last twenty-or-so years doing many different things; I’ve been co-raising two great kids, I became a massage therapist specializing in oncology massage, went through yoga teacher training, learned ukulele, learned to sail and bought my own boat, learned about ham radio and got my General license, learned how to sew and sewed up half a wardrobe of my own clothes, learned to spin wool and knit, and became an iRest meditation teacher.

Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2012, and that has slowed me way down. I now spend a great deal of life energy coping with that, as well as panic disorder and ADHD – which basically means I spend much of my time in pain, exhausted, inattentive, and sometimes anxious. It’s not all bad, but it’s definitely a pain in the ass (literally). I’m working hard at living the best life I can with these issues. Lately, that’s included a lot of drawing and painting, much of which I share here. I’m also obsessed with my Traveler’s Notebook, Japanese stationery, reading endlessly on my Kobo, and See’s Milk Chocolate Butter Chews.

Finally, I have a lifelong obsession with backpacks, satchels, and other bags, that some call excessive, some call eccentric, some call downright disturbing, but I just call my side vocation.