Style Arc’s Ethel Pants are my favorite pants pattern ever

I made these Style Arc Ethel Pants for Beth a few days ago, right before she left for camp:

(Disregard the word “Front” on her leg – I mark the fronts and backs with chalk, and I haven’t washed these yet.)

I know a lot of sewists have their go-to patterns, just like cooks with their recipes, and this is definitely my favorite and most tried and true pattern. For myself, I’ve made linen pairs in black, brown, blue, red, and pink. This is the first time I made a pair for Roo, and they fit great. I’m sure she’ll get a few more.

The pattern comes with regular side pockets, but I’m a big fan of patch pockets, so I do those.

The pattern is very easy, but as a tip to beginners: mark your pieces! Specifically, mark the top and bottom and back and front. I know that seems excessive, how hard can it be to misidentify a pattern piece? Surprisingly easy, in this case. The waist is so loose and the crotch so low, that the pattern piece looks upside-down when you’re looking at it on the table. The back/front comes into play when you work with linen, and there are no front or back to the fabric, so it’s easy to sew the wrong pieces together.

As long as you mark it with chalk, all is well, and it’s very easy to put together. Quick, too! I can make a pair in about an hour, now. Less if I don’t add pockets, but I’ve started to add patch pockets to everything because pockets are power.

It was Beth’s idea to add the flowers. I told her she’s my photo shoot stylist!