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Obsession? What obsession? I’m fine.

Well, first thing’s first. Everyone will tell you to go here first: www.flicka20.com (a fella named Angus Beare runs it, but from what I understand, he’s sold his beautiful Flicka, Caraway). It’s a great site, but it isn’t updated; many links go to 404’s. Checking out the site map is helpful. While you’re there, you’ll want to download all the newsletters, which you can put on your iPad, and then read them at night when you can’t sleep because you’ve got Flicka Fever. The newsletters are a lot of fun, full of trip reports and great photos.

There is also a great Yahoo Group that’s very much worth joining.

I have a playlist of YouTube videos related to the Flicka 20.

Sailfar.net has a lot of great community around small boat sailing and passage-making, and you can do a fruitful search for the Flicka 20.

Reviews of the Flicka 20:

Articles on sailing small boats: